Please be advised that the following physicians listed below own a limited investment interest in the Red Hills Surgical Center located at 1608 Surgeons Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308.  You are entitled to obtain the services for which you have been referred to the Red Hills Surgical Center from the provider or supplier of your choice, including the Red Hills Surgical Center.

AJ Brickler, MD

David Dixon, DO

Kenneth McAlpine, MD

Vikki McKinnie, MD

Brian Zirgibel, MD

Marie Becker, MD

Graham Whitaker, MD

W. Brad Stephens, MD

Adrian Roberts, MD

Joseph Soto, MD

David Bellamy, MD

David Berg, MD

Andrew Borom, MD

Bert Chandler, MD

Peter Loeb, MD

Tony Bryant, MD

Hank Hutchinson, MD

George Merritt, DPM

Russell Rowan, DPM

D. Jason Oberste, MD

Thomas Park, MD

Garrison Rolle, MD

William Thompson, MD

Hector Mejia, MD

Brett Howard, MD

Andrew Wong, MD

Shelby Blank, MD

Jeffrey Crooms, MD

Tim Ruark, MD

Eliot Sieloff, MD

Andrea Friall, MD

Shawn Ramsey, DO

Robert Morales, MD

Floyd Jaggears, MD

Aaron Guyer, MD

Spencer Stoetzel, MD

Matthew Lee, MD

Stephanie Lee, MD