Who chooses if I have my surgery at Red Hills?

It is the choice of both the patient and the performing physician as to where the surgery will be performed. Please ask your physician about Red Hills’ availability if you are interested in our Facility.

What kinds of surgeries are performed at Red Hills?

Red Hills is capable of hosting a wide range of surgery specialties including, Orthopedic, General Surgery, Gynecological, Ear-Nose-Throat, Podiatry and Pain Management. Red Hills has hosted procedures ranging from the simplest injections to partial knee replacements and everything in between.

Who performs procedures at Red Hills?

Red Hills works with most of the physician groups in Tallahassee including, TENT, NFWC, TOC, NFSM, TPA, TSA, GYN & Obstetrics Associates, and Capital City Women’s Health. If you are interested in having your procedure performed at Red Hills, please speak with your surgeon to determine if Red Hills is an appropriate fit.

What kinds of insurance do you take?

Red Hills currently accepts the major carriers like Aetna, Capital Health Plan (CHP), Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, Tricare and many more insurance payment plans. Please contact our business office at 850-702-5020 for a full list of our insurance carriers.

What time do I need to arrive for surgery?

Due to the many factors that effect a surgery schedule, we are unable to finalize our schedule until the afternoon before your surgery. We will be contacting you with your scheduled arrival times by 4 pm the evening before your surgery.

If I have any questions or complications, who should I notify?

If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the closest Emergency Room for evaluation. For post-op questions or concerns, please contact your surgeon’s office directly. Red Hills’ staff are unable to provide medical advice via the phone and will ask that you contact your surgeon’s office. If you are unable to contact your surgeon’s office directly, Red Hills will assist you in reaching the appropriate provider. Any questions regarding the specific procedure or planned procedure should be directed to your surgeon’s office directly.

How long will I be at the facility?

Generally, all patients will be asked to arrive to the facility 1 hour prior to their procedure start time. Procedure times vary widely based on the specialty and procedure performed. If you are in need of specific procedure average times, please contact our Facility and ask to speak with a nurse.

Do I need someone to stay with me after my procedure?

For your safety, Red Hills recommends that all patients have a responsible adult remain with them for a minimum of 24 hours after surgery to assist if needed.

How will I get my medication after my procedure?

Your surgeon will provide you with a prescription for any necessary medication either before your procedure or on the day of surgery. Red Hills is unable to fill prescriptions, therefore all prescriptions will need to be filled at your pharmacy. Please note that medications are unable to be faxed/phoned in due to DEA regulations and therefore will need to be taken directly to the pharmacy for dispensing.

Why can’t I eat or drink prior to my procedure?

Although some people think this just has to do with avoiding nausea or vomiting after surgery, it’s actually much more serious. If you eat or drink prior to surgery, you run the risk of aspirating gastric contents during your surgery, which means your lungs could fill with fluids. This is a very serious complication, so it’s important that you strictly abide by this recommendation. This includes abstaining from hard candy, chewing gum and tobacco. Please note that children have different fasting schedules than adults, so please check this with your nurse during your pre-operative phone call for pediatric specific timing.

How long will it take to receive my Medical Records?

Red Hills staff will attempt to provide any patient or guardian with the requested records as soon as possible. The timing of the of medical records availability may be affected by many factors including test results which may take up to 2 weeks to receive, however we estimate that most medical records can be provided within 10 business days of the request.

How can I receive my Medical Records?

Any patient or guardian who is in need of medical records must complete and sign a medical records request form. Once the form has been completed and the records are prepared, completed records may be faxed, emailed, mailed, or picked up by the patient. Please note that appropriate ID is required when requesting or picking up medical records.

What is your visitor policy?

Due to the limited space and seating in the waiting room, we request that patients limit the number of visitors on the day of surgery.

Patients 21 years of age and younger may have TWO parents accompany them in the pre-operative and post-operative areas.

Patients greater than 21 years of age may have ONE adult caregiver accompany them in the pre-operative and post-operative areas.

Do you allow payment plans?

Red Hills policy states that we can only accept payment plans if arranged prior to the day of surgery. Payment fee schedules will be set up on the day of surgery with an electronic funds transaction. Cash and checks are not an approved method of payment for your payment plan. If you are in need of a payment plan, please contact our Business office and ask to speak with an insurance/payment specialist for assistance.

*Note: Patients may receive up to three billing invoices, one from surgeon, RHSC and anesthesia.*
**Note: If any complications arise or if you have additional Post-Op questions, please contact your surgeon’s office.**


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